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Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was an American politician and officer. From 1829 to 1837, he was the seventh president of the United States.
Andrew Jackson was a lawyer in Nashville and in 1796-1797 Tennessee’s first member of the House of Representatives. Then in 1797-1798 he was elected to the Senate and in 1798-1804 supreme court judge in Tennessee.
In 1802, Jackson was appointed major general in the Tennessee militia. During the American-English War, in 1814 he defeated the British allies, the Creek Indians, and before the announcement of a peace treaty had reached the United States, on January 8, 1815, he forced the British to abandon their attack on New Orleans. In 1817 he had his troops invade Spanish Florida, which in 1819-1821 was bought by the United States. Todays 3 cent stamp depicting Andrew Jachson was isued in 1863. CV is 150 euros for a mint copy. Please visit my homepage: