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The postal history of Hungary traces back to the 16th century when the first organized postal services were established under the Habsburg Monarchy. Initially, these services were primarily utilized by royalty and nobility for official correspondence. However, with time, the postal network expanded to serve the general public, facilitating communication and commerce across the region.
The first postage stamps used in Hungary were Austrian stamps issued in 1867, following the Austro-Hungarian Compromise which granted Hungary greater autonomy within the Empire. These stamps bore the portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I, who ruled both Austria and Hungary. The stamps were denominated in kreuzer and florins, reflecting the currency of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The first real Hungarian stamps is the 1871 “Emperor Franz Joseph” issue, featuring a distinctive design with the profile of the monarch. Over the years, Hungary issued various commemorative and definitive stamps, showcasing its rich cultural heritage, historical figures, and landmarks. Todays stamp(s) is a mint pair of the very first stamp from Hungary issued in 1871. This pair was sold in 2011 by Cherrystone for 2.800 $.