Stamp Stories from around the world

Denmark’s fifth type of stamps were issued in the period from 1864-1870. They have a different design compared to the privious stamps. But they still have a crown, sword, and sceptre in the center and wavy-lined filling of the corners (wavy-lined spandrels). A series of 5 stamps were issued: 2 skilling (sk.), 3 sk., 4 sk., 8 sk. and 16 sk. were issued. The stamps were comb-perforated but in 1870 four of the stamps ( -4 sk.) were issued with line-perforation. The stamps were drawn by O. H. B. Olrik and engraved by P. C. Batz and printed by H. H. Thiele. Today’s stamp is a cancelled copy of the 3 sk. stamp from 1857. With its perfect bulls eye number cancel (nr. 90 from the town of Rønnede) it has a CV of around 200 $.