Stamp Stories from around the world

In the war of 1808-1809, Russian troops conquered Finland. Finland had been a part of Sweden and was annexed to the Russian empire at the Peace Treaty of Hamina on 17 September 1809. Finland became an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire.
Finland was allowed to manage its own affairs and employment of its own civil servants. A parliament began to assemble from the year 1863 – the same year where Finnish language got official status and became equal with the Swedish language. In 1865, Finland got its own currency – penni and markka – which quickly turned out to be stronger than the Russian Rouble. It was first in 1917 that Finland became independent.
The first stamps of Finland appeared in 1856, at a time when Finland was still an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire. Two stamps were issued with the denomination of 5 and 10 kopek. The stamps are depicting the coat of arms of Finland.

Todays stamp is the 5 kopek value. CV for a mint copy is approx. 5.000 $.