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Fiume, now known as Rijeka, has a rich postal history that reflects its complex geopolitical situation over the years. Here are five points summarizing its postal history and the issuance of its first stamps:
1. Fiume, located on the Adriatic coast, had a strategic position that led to its contested status throughout history, being under various rulers including the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
2. The first postal system in Fiume was established in the 18th century, under Austrian rule, to facilitate communication and trade in the region.
3. Fiume issued its first postage stamps in 1870, featuring the iconic profile of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. These stamps were used to prepay postage fees for mail within the city and its territories.
4. The Austro-Hungarian Empire continued to administer Fiume until the end of World War I, after which the city experienced a period of political turmoil and changes in sovereignty.
5. From 17.11.1918 until12.09.1919 Fiume was occupied by the allies of the first World War. It was postally under the administration of the Hungarian Kingdom.
Todays stamp is from 1918 with FIUME printed on a Hungarian stamp showing the Parliament building. CV is 15-40 € for mint copy.