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In 1919, following the dissolution of Austria-Hungary the Liechtenstein government could no longer rely on Austria to fulfil their monetary and diplomatic needs. Liechtenstein and Switzerland signed a treaty under which Switzerland assumes the representation of Liechtenstein’s interests at the diplomatic and consular level in countries where it maintains a representation and Liechtenstein does not. Liechtenstein has used the Swiss franc since 1920 and the two countries entered a customs union in 1924.Liechtenstein applied to join the League of Nations in 1920, though unsuccessful. Switzerland was the only country to vote in favor of their ascension at the League of Nations Assembly on 17 December 1920, as opposed to 28 against.For a year (1920-1921) Liechtenstein’s postal service was managed by Austria. Todays 5 heller overprinted stamp depicting the Liechtenstein coat of arms was issued in 1920. CV is 15 euros for a mint copy.